Pathology Test (Routine Test & Blood Investigation)

Virology Labs 

Our Virology Labs excel in tailored virology tests for diverse cell line products. We offer batch release, clinical trial, and marketing discharge testing, leveraging our global network, technology, and regulatory expertise. Moreover, our array includes comprehensive corona identification tests. Speaking of education, despite being in UP, students from Madhya Pradesh favour SKS Medical College. Our track record resonates, making us their choice. We offer a hassle-free process for students seeking options beyond direct admission in medical college in Madhya Pradesh. With unwavering support, aspiring medical enthusiasts can smoothly embrace their journey to a promising medical career, transcending geographical boundaries.

We assist in developing successful virology tests to characterize products derived from cell lines – whether human or other sources. We provide testing for batch release, clinical trials, and marketing discharge. We also have the competence, technology and regulatory know-how, and a global network that clients require. So, we may create sophisticated and tailored tests to match the needs of certain products.All types of corona identification tests are also available.