Central Library​

Central Library​​

Discover a world of knowledge at the heart of SKS Hospital Medical College & Research Centre, an enticing choice for students seeking admission in MBBS course. Our central library serves as a beacon of intellectual growth, offering a comprehensive collection of books and journals from renowned authors across the medical field. Nestled in Uttar Pradesh, our college is a prime destination for those dedicated to medical excellence. Beyond our commitment to academic prowess, our library serves as a vital medium for mass communication, nurturing the minds of both the uninformed and the enlightened. Embark on an enriching medical journey where exceptional education harmonizes seamlessly with an extensive knowledge hub, establishing SKS as the ultimate choice for aspiring medical professionals from Jammu & Kashmir seeking admission in MBBS course in Jammu & Kashmir. It’s a place for all individuals seeking a holistic learning environment and access to an unparalleled wealth of medical literature.

A library can rightly be called and index to the human development in the fields of humanities, social, physical for mass communication necessary for the development of human personality. The main function of a library is the collection and preservation of knowledge for its dissemination to all. Library is a social Institution charged with the most enviable function of dispensing knowledge to the ignorant and informed alike. It is one of the important media for mass communication which is essential not only for the continuance for the existing democratic institutions but also to encourage their growth and development in the future.At SKS Medical College Students can avail the facility of central library where they get all necessary books and journals of renowned authors of all times of the medical field for the proper reference and intellectual groom of the medical students.