Medical Education Unit

Medical Education Unit​

Our dynamic Medical Education Unit is the cornerstone of competency-based medical training, aligning seamlessly with global standards. Under the guidance of devoted faculty, this unit is dedicated to enhancing skills and strategic advancement, benefiting undergraduates and faculty members alike. It’s one of the foremost reasons SKS Medical College stands as an epitome of exceptional medical education and a preferred choice for admission for students from UP and all across the country. Beyond academic brilliance, our Medical Education Unit ensures effective pedagogy, meticulous research methodology, and continuous enrichment of medical studies. Our medical unit helps students seamlessly integrate their skills and solidifies SKS as the ultimate choice for aspiring medical professionals from Punjab seeking a robust program at an affordable fee compared to the high MBBS fee structure in Punjab.

Medical Education unit tutelage faculty members develop, implement & practice to enrich new skill to faster growth and prosperity in general and competency Base Medical Education in particular matching Global norms as prime objective. The role and responsibilities of the department of Medical Education revolve around pedagogy through effective planning, implementation and supervision of the educational process and research methodology involved in medical studies. This is to bring about, strategic improvement in the performance of under graduate and the faculty of SKS Medical College and Hospital.